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04/11/13 11.38

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Descrizione Progetto:  I need someone to do this work for me: 1- Uninstall completely VBSeo from my VB board and make a complete htaccess not to loose my actual work 2- A complete migration from Vbulletin 4.2.0 to last IPB actually available (always thinking on my url above) 3- Rebuild (I already have one mine) or Build from scratch a Bridge for Joomla and IPB with this carachteristics: 3.1 - Registration from IPB: Users can sign up by using the default registration form, Facebook sign up or Twitter sign up.  - Joomla registration will be disabled. 3.2 - Singe sign-on from Joomla or IPB and user must be automatically logged in the other software 3.3 - All the user modification will be made from IPB and must be reflected to Joomla 3.4 - Default usergroup will be used as registered member, no custom usergroups will be added 3.5 - Banned users from IPB shouldn't have access to Joomla 3.6 - Since I already have thousands of articles in joomla, with the new migration all the users ID must be kept exactly as they are both in Joomla and in Vbulletin 3.5 - This bridge have to link directly Articles and IPB Threads: 3.5.1 - When I create an article in Joomla I need to have the option to select in wich forum must be created the thread that will be made  3.5.2 - The thread just automatically created must be created with all the specification from joomla (user, creation date etc etc) 3.5.3 - The thread have to be created only when I check the "publication" state on Joomla 3.5.4 - The article / thread created can be commented both in Joomla (actually via Jcomment) and in IPB, and the comments have to be sync together. 3.5.5 - Everything have to be compatible with Tapatalk plugin 4- If it is possible (and you think is a good idea) I need to convert from Joomla articles to K2 system articles ... all above then will be made for K2 system This plugin must not touch the core in Joomla and IPB because I need to be able to update evreything without worries. If this isn't possible I need at least a 1year assistance from you. 5 - Make a template for Joomla and Vbulletin 6 - We need to have an agreement with the plugin made. I need a licence stating that all the work made for me cannot be sold in my country to other website with my same "contents". The plugin must contain a credit from my website. I thinks it's everything. thanks Marco