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We want to create media assets for the client in the form of high resolution photos and videos on behalf of our client. Below is our brief for your review, if interested we'd love to receive a quote from you!

We will be creating media assets for 1 product - the client's Folding Stairs

We plan to create the assets via a one day film and photo shoot on the ground at the client’s customer’s house in Switzerland (location TBC)

Shoot date: May 25 - May 30th 2021

Our fundamental overriding goal is to create a whole set of media assets that the client can utilize well into the future for a variety of reasons - website assets, marketing material, assets that can be reused by future distributors etc. It’s a broad goal, but with some specific near-term targets, aimed to maximize the value we can extract from the shoot.

Immediate specific needs:

3 x short, quick cut edits of media assets to use on the homepage of the website for the product in the form of autoplaying videos. 7 - 10 seconds long. Shot and edited .

Art Direction input by Latical Design. Editing by yourself

3 x longer cuts which highlight the product in more detail via a click to play video that will sit on each product page. 20 to 30 Seconds long, including motion graphics. Art Direction input by Latical Design. Editing by yourself

Up to 15 high resolution, edited and retouched product shots. 1 ‘hero’ shot and 3 multi-angle shots per product. Art Direction Input by Latical Design / Vendor. Editing by yourself

General Goals: 

Capture as much high quality footage throughout the shoot, from multiple angles and in multiple styles for future use. Direction done by vendor at their discretion on the ground.

Long shots of the of the product in collapsed and open states and shots of the product in use will be done.