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800 - 1.500

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07/09/12 21.55

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Do you know web analytics than see this job: 
Could you make a Standalone Script with included mobile View and also a Wordpress Plugin like the script the Piwik Analytics and the Sistrix .com toolbox
This Script should be translateable 
For Example: 
A) standalone Website and B) Wordpress Plugin C)  Mobilie View
Super Admin can manage User
1. User See a dashboard and can put widgets
2. User can manage more websites
3. User have to pay to join
4. User can See wich time is the best traffic on the website
5. User can See how long he stay on the website
6. User can see how many backlinks he has
7. User can See what is the conversion rate for selling products
8. Implement the API with google keyword so user kan search on you website the best keyword.
9. Implement the SERP so user can See the google position for keywords and the pagerank
10. Average visit duration
11. Visits have bounced (left the website after one page)
12. Actions (page views, downloads and outlinks) per visit
13. Outlinks and unique outlinks