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19/02/20 8.46

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I need help for a woocommerce project.

The following tasks are necesarry.

1) The categorie pages should have a sidebar with filters at the right side.

2) the main menu (on the top of the page) shows the main categories of my shop (jagd, sport, ...).

The menu also should automatic show the subcategories of jagd... by mouse over like Kundenkonto

3) On the categorie product page there should be a second menu at the left side which shows the subcategories of the main categorie.

4) The whole product information come from two other shops who upload two csv files every 24 hours on my server with the newest informations. Those two csv files need to import every day automatically.

5) The csv files have the same items with different sizes. These should shown on one product page with a drop down menu for the size.

6) There will be also upload a zip file with all images every 7 days which must automatically unpacked on the server.

7) The images should have all the same size automatically and should shown full in the shop.